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5-March-2002 - time to go home!

Thank You!
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Not an offical update, but thanks to all of you who've donated to the cause. I thought people on the Internet would mostly go "eh" and click somewhere else, but then I thought, that's stupid, I shouldn't assume that they're not going to care without even asking. You're fantastic!

(Don't know what I'm talking about? Make sure to read this entry.)

Now, right, on with the quotage.

From Mach5 (sent by Astera)

So thanks to my buddy 'Unisom'.......wait. That's not right. Let me rephrase. Thanks to my buddy 'Cheap-ass Meijer knock-off of Unisom because I put the 'poo' back in poor', I got to sleep at a damn decent time last night, and woke up with plenty of time to spare before my dental appointment.

So I did what any reasonably moronic bugger would do - Slept more.

From KellyK (sent by MyVista)

I was tired before my night class last night, so I thought a cappucino would be a nice little pick me up at 5:30. Sure, it picked me up. It picked my ass up and drove it around in a pimped out Lincoln Town Car until damn near 2 a.m. Then it smacked my face, made me call it Big Daddy and give it all my cash.

From Tinselet (sent by Silvermaiden)

There really is something called Chinese Restaurant Tea. That's like making a product called Doohickey or Whaddyacallit or That Thing With The Stuff.

From Witch-Baby (sent by HaloOfCurls)

...I was walking through the mathematics section of one of the buildings at school today and I found that someone had made a huge banner that read, "MATHLAND." Where was this sign when I was struggling through my Algebra course last year? Had I known that I was taking a class in MATHLAND, the C- I ended up getting in the course surely would've been at least a C+.

From TattodNanny (sent by Broken-Glass)

When we all know that Achilles was giving it to Patroculus up the ass. Except of course, my lit teacher, who seems to be determined to study greek literature with out ever mentioning anal sex. I didn't think that was possiple.

From Ruthie-A (sent by Helb)

Inadeqate Form Tutor fed us Quality Street and let the male population of the school hide in a cupboard and watch porn. She didn't realise it was porn, she thought it was actually Cinderella. We couldn't decide if she was astonishingly naive, or high on the Rachels' hairspray fumes.

From White-Rook (sent by Cherie with no diary)

You see, there's something you have to understand. I go to a women's college. It's not as if we never see any guys, but... we never see any guys. Sure, we could go across the street to Notre Dame (and a lot of us do), but the guys over there are not very interesting, to say the very least in the most inoffensive way. We're not starved for sex or anything (my roomies would certainly dispute this, however), but guys are just... not around. Two buses full of men driving around our campus for no apparent reason is a huge thing here. It's nothing short of an official campus holiday.