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2005-10-13 - 9:44 p.m.

The Big One Five Oh Oh and Reader Submissions

This week, I was pleased to see that Quoted got its 1500th reader: nana9. I haven't had time to read through much of her diary, but given that she is the 1500th reader, there is no doubt that she has impeccable timing.

I was also pleased to see that the new Quote Submission form is being used regularly by Quoted readers. So I am dedicating this entry to your submissions. Consider these quotes 100% me-free...

From Golfwidow (Sent by Anonymous):

I got a spam whose subject line read: "Stun your friends with this new R0lex!"

This caused me to picture myself sneaking around corners and zapping people with my wrist.

Which doesn't seem very friendly to me.

From catfish19 (Sent by Anonymous):

Me: I'm sorry sir, the bank is unable to approve an increase in your credit limit at this stage.

Customer: Fine. I'll take my money somewhere else then.

Me: (Thinks: I assume by "money" you mean your maxed-out $3000 overdraft and $8000 credit card debt?)

Me: I'm sorry to hear that, sir.

From OrneryPest (Sent by CLCassius):

In other news, I hear that teaching the Theory of Gravity in school has gotta be accompanied by the Theory of Intelligent Falling, which says that things fall because God pushes them down. Gotta give our kids a balanced view, you know.

From Dee (Sent by Anonymous):

And we all know that the best way to rid one's self of guilt is to overdose on grease and carbs... which of course, I did. Now instead, I feel gross and bloaty. Much better.