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2000-07-14 - 18:53:42

Ready, Begin:
I'm working on a project... exciting, isn't it? Things like this make me wish I were still in college, so I could con some professor into giving me credit for something fun. But alas, I will just have to do it for my own enjoyement. And part of it's secret at the moment. But for now, I'm trying to find diary entries in which the diarist talks about why they keep an online diary. Everybody has them. It's not hard. But if you have one, especially if you want to recommend yours, let me know.

Or, heck, I guess you could just tell me why you keep an online diary in the email. But entries are easier to keep track of, I think.

From jrl7

MTV's Undressed is nothing but lies. I've studied chemistry and no one starts making out in the middle of talking about bond lengths. No one. It's a frantic late-night effort to save your scholarship; "getting some" is not involved.

From Cornfields

There's something about just the thought of butt plugs existing on this earth, and that there are people who use them enthusiastically, that makes me blush uncomfortably.

From Eka

my hometown, geographically, is smack in between the monastery & fort knox. the monks wake up at 2:00 in the morning to sing & pray for the world. the guns go off all the time, practicing. i grew up in a precarious place.