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2000-07-21 - 19:28:42

So I'm madly in love with Katfish and I'm going to move to Denver and with her and her husband and their really cute cat and we're all going to live happily ever after. Oh, wait, that's not right. What I mean to say is that she sent me her address and so I found another diary I like. My list is getting a bit unmanagable right now, time to trim the fat. The problem is that there aren't any diaries I don't really care for on my list right now, and everyone's being really good about updating. That's one thing about DiaryLand getting bigger - it may be harder to find the really good diaries, but there are a lot more really good diaries to find, too. I think it might be interesting to spend a day just reading recently updated for 24 hours or so... just to see what you'd find. Perhaps a project for the future.

But don't y'all ever worry about stalkers? I do, but at the same time, if you put together everything I've ever said in my diary, you could probably figure out exactly where I live and work and where I like to eat. Even if you're not that diligent, you could at least ambush me on my way to work and kill me there. I'd rather you didn't, honestly.

Sometimes I worry about sounding like a stalker. Because you read all these entries about people's lives, and you feel like you know them, in a way, and you want to respond to something they've said, as is natural in a normal conversation, but you have to remember, oops, this person doesn't know me from Adam. I started to offer Koogle a Lush bath bomb, just because I found out about Lush through her web page and it was such a wonderful discovery that I wanted to thank her. And then I realized... how creepy would it be to have some stranger sending you bath products? And the answer that I cam up with was "extremely". So I tried to send her a thankful, non-stalker-y email instead. Perhaps I am extra-sensitive to the issue, given my extreme paranoid tendencies, but still.

(I used to work for a nonprofit organization that dealt with child abductions. That sort of thing MAKES you sensitive to the issue, whether you were before or not.)

Oh, and on a completely unrelated note, sometimes I put in quotes just because the whole entry is really good, and you should read it, even if the quote doesn't sound that interesting. I'm just saying.

From Bea

We'd set the table, make a pot of tea and get down to the serious business of food.
I liked the whole ritual and game. I'd like to do it again.

From Sxoidmal

When asked if they'd actually called the mayor to protest the closure, they insisted that doing that kind of stuff was useless and never achieves anything. In direct contrast to sitting around in funky-ass clothes banging on drums on someone's lawn, that's the hallmark of revolution.

From Riot718 (via Marn)

I have to go to Jersey tonight due to a party I had in 1986 when no one showed up.