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2000-08-07 - 17:11:52

Not feeling very good at the moment, so no deep dissection of DiaryLand today. Instead, here's a word for the day (thank you Mirriam Webster):

1 : having many syllables : long
2 : using long words

Your job is to use it in a meaningful sentence. Or not. At least try saying it, it's a lot of fun.

From Helen Marie

From that point on, I thought that I should have a favorite everything, just in case Tigerbeat ever decided to interview me.

From Shiitake (via Mr. Plutonium (Mr. Saturnine))

So maybe I'll just become healthy in secret. I'll hide all my nutritional supplements in empty beer cans, strewn about the house. People will come over, wonder how I manage to stay so healthy while living in such a dump, and then go home and quietly re-evaluate their lives.

From Angelbaby64 (someone who didn't give their diary name sent me another quote from this entry, but I just liked this one too much not to use it.)

Like, one second I'm putting up Tori Amos posters on my walls and braiding my hair, putting on peasant tops, and the next I'm listening to N' Sync and going out to the mall with friends like how society labels "how you're supposed to be", and the next I'm listening to Korn and I'm pissed off at the world.