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2000-08-29 - 19:30:13

Guest Submission Day
Yes, friends, it's another guest submission day at And you certainly have been submitting...


No, wait, that's not right. Sorry. Been one of those days. Weeks. You know.

And I haven't read any diaries at all in two whole days. I've been... wait for it... WORKING! Amazing stuff. So I just quickly grabbed a bunch of submitted quotes. I have a feeling some were lost in the ether somewhere along the line.

From Catiecake (via Katfish)

It’s a lot easier to be shitty when you don’t have to deal with someone that’s actually nice.

From Sirilyan (via PLF)

Alarm clocks can't double-cross you; they are too stupid to know the concept of betrayal.

From Perceptions (via Grayarea)

Oh, I am such a liar. Because I am not quoting Perceptions today. I am telling you to go read this whole entry. If you are of the age of consent in your area, that is. Otherwise, go read something else.

From Donuts (via Kait-with-no-diary)

i'm advocating voting and condoms this fall. i think political awareness and a deep sense of penis handling are both smart and funky. i could care less how tragically unhip mtv tells me i am.

From NotAHilbilly (via Pix)

My past is an adamant luggage rack I'm dragging, adding weight in overnight bags and carefully locked suitcases. Everything is neatly stowed, yet completely available whenever I need something negative to draw upon, to prove my point, to explain myself, or to ground my feet.

From Grim (via Marn)

But one of the students that I teach was at the club last night, which is always a depressing experience; you think you’re still young and hip and everything, and then you realise that someone you teach is old enough to legally get into nightclubs. And when they see you, there’s an expression of “YOU still come to CLUBS?” and you just come away convinced that you should spend your nights in a rocking chair, quietly listening to the crackle of the logfire beside you and looking out the window at the stars.

...Which actually does kind of sound attractive, now I come to mention it...

From DeadGarden (via Scary Gyrl, whose diary is very good but password protected)

Egads - I hate it when people bring their kids to work. Especially the really young ones. I hate seeing everyone smile and coo at the pink,wriggling, drooling bundle. I'm feelin' kinda ugly today.

From Clearsong (via Seavee Bluecat)

...since I'm being a 'jerk' yeah well suck my big toe you immature snot.