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2000-11-07 - 15:50:55

Humping Fun
Ho ho - did I say it would be QUIETER with everyone gone? Silly me. Well, things are back to semi-normal now, and I can do this again.

By the way, if you're one of those people who checks their referral stats, and noticed that someone found your diary by searching for "humping fun" on the domain - that was me. According to Google, there are 63 entries on DiaryLand that include the words "humping fun". None of them are the particular quote I was looking for. (No, I'm not a pervert. It was a quote about bunnies, and how humping is always fun and appropriate.)

So if you wrote an entry about your humping bunnies, I really did try to quote it. It was quite amusing. I'm sorry, but I've failed in my mission.

And if you were upset by the idea of some pervert looking for "humping fun" in your diary, I hope that your mind has been put at ease.

Update! Kind and clever reader Evelynne has pointed out that this was not, in fact, a DiaryLand diary. It was Bobofett. Yes, I admit it, sometimes I peek at non-DiaryLand diaries. Forgive me, it won't happen again. (Ok, it probably will, but I'll try to keep it to myself.)

From Merilily (via Pischina)

It would be SO awesome if it snowed for Halloween....everyone associates snow with Christmas, and I wish I could be the one elderly person in the nursing home who, upon listening to the other residents share blizzard stories, says "I remember the Halloween Snowstorm of '00", and all the other residents will reject me and steal my teeth and I'll be left all alone in my wheelchair in the corner of the activity room...

From FeroKitty (via Pischina)

Dear Friend, I had a taste of the real world. And I didn't like the flavor.

From Queerscribe

I am the author, dammit! I decide whether you are my story's character or reader.

From Movie

Now, let me stress right now that I am normally SUPER polite when people call me. SUPER POLITE. I usually even say a quick prayer for them. I am just that kind of person. I also tell them to have a nice day.

From Sicko

i smoked a cigarette today, just to do something unhealthy that holds no pleasure whatsoever.

From TigreFatalis

If you don't understand the depth of happiness, perhaps you someday will. I truly hope so. It's cold outside, but I can see flowers which will someday be opening their faces to the sun.