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2000-11-21 - 18:53:03

Me and My Taste
I've been thinking about the quotes I pull. Sometimes it's because something makes me laugh. Or think. Or it's something that I've always thought, but never phrased in quite that way. Or sometimes it's exactly the opposite of what I think.

Sometimes I like to find the one perfectly-crafted line in a grammarless, spelling-optional diary. Sometimes I pull out a line that is really only average, but from such an excellent entry that I think everyone should go look at it.

Sometimes I go back and look at quotes and think, why did I quote that?

And sometimes I'll re-read entries and think, why didn't I ever quote that?

I think a lot more of it depends on my mood at the time than I'm really willing to admit. Except that I just did, so there you go. Sometimes I wonder about that, because some people seem to think that I've got some kind of inside line on what's good in DiaryLand.

I don't. It's just me and my taste in here.

From Girls Suck

If your goal is to get their hearts, in place of the word 'like' use 'love'. And in this case de-personalize what you're saying, ie: "I absolutely love that about you" ...has just the same effect (nearly) as saying "I love you," but takes all the responsibility out of it.

From Chasha (via Merilily)

When I first heard of this site, my thought was: What sort of depraved exhibitionist would want to post their diary on the web? After spending about an hour looking through other people's entries, I realized that I am that depraved exhibitionist. So here goes.

From Smoocher

But if t.v. and movies have taught me anything, itís that when the parents meet each other over a holiday feast, thereíll be a snag over how the mothers prepare the turkey that will eventually lead to a comical roustabout where the pumpkin pie is undeliberately thrown into the face of my dad.

From Snowy

Hey, my life is like a musical, breaking out in song in the weirdest of places.

From Morgoth

It feels like shooting at a star with a rifle...your aim may even be right, but the bullet simply won't go all the way there.