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2000-12-06 - 17:36:15

People are Complicated
Ok, I really don't mean to put anyone in the spotlight here, but this is part of what I've been thinking about lately:

From Boogie

i write about the good things and the way i'm happier and they're true. but these are true too and i feel like a liar if i go too many days without admitting them.

I know I've said this before, but that's part of the beauty and the problem with having a diary. You can't put everything in. Oh, I know there's that guy in Minnesota or wherever who's recorded what he's done every minute of his life for the last bazillion years, but that's just... stuff. If you read that journal, you still wouldn't have a complete picture of who he really is.

But - that's not a bad thing. Sometimes you want to say, look, this tiny bit of what I'm feeling is important. Here it is. It may not be like all the other bits that are me, but it's still a bit, and it's still me.

I guess I didn't have anything really important to say about that. People are complicated. That's what makes this whole online diary thing interesting. Read on.

From Ticklortega

Who doesn't love the Island of misfit toys and the part when the Abominable Snowman becomes happy because Herbie fixed his toothache? A communist...that's who.

From Shellpatine

"This budget spreadsheet isn't adding up the numbers anymore! What's wrong?" (Upon investigation, it turned out they didn't like seeing all the zeroes in the sum column. So they deleted them ... taking the formulas away with them!)

From Adub (via HumanCapital)

I have to believe that there are men out there that don't want to see their lovely mate in curlers, sitting on the toilet in the morning with the door wide open, plucking her eyebrows with tweezers and a hand-held mirror.

From Amberle

Once I figured out who she was... the first words out of my mouth were "I think I ate to many cookies last night, I feel like I might throw up...Don't worry, I won't really throw up, I just feel like it."

From Deathwish (via Brirose)'s hard to understand how some people can starve themselves purposely and get eating disorders... i mean... i'd die if i starved myself (go figure.)