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2001-01-31 - 20:24:58

I'm Rambling, Yes, But there are Good Quotes
Is it kind of sad when I get a large chunk of my daily news from reading everyone else's diary? I mean, it's not really that much different than getting it from some guy who stands in front of a camera and calls himself a reporter... is it?

Or maybe it is. As long as it's where I get only my socially relevant pop culture news, it's probably ok.

Yes, I found out that the Ravens won the Superbowl by reading diaries. And that Soul Coughing was breaking up, that Brad Pitt was voted sexiest man alive, that Rich won Survivor...

Hm, maybe it's better to get all my pop-news from diaries. No commercials, no actual watching of shows or reading of entertainment magazines involved to be able to discuss the latest trends around the water cooler, and I only get the stuff that everybody's actually talking about anyway without having to sort through Hollywood Miracle Diet and thin-Oprah vs. fat-Oprah blather.

DiaryLand: the Cliff's Notes of U.S. pop culture?

From Seaveeb (ok, actually from Morgoth, according to Seavee Bluecat. Sorry!)

An ancient Chinese proverb says that, when you don't know how to start a text, use an ancient Chinese proverb.

From Quarters

so here's the question: should i be more upset by the story getting erased, or by the fact that i seem to know all the lyrics to "billy don't be a hero"? it's a tough call.

From Frogs

Anyway. I love to sing, and despite the fact dogs hide, and my brother cringes when I do... I do it anyway.

From GNStreetGirl

Ive spent the morning watching Springer and showing the Tom Waits e-groups site to the cat.

From Jeffy (via Cuppajoe)

Can I help it if I'm so damned foxy? I don't think anyone should be burdened with the responsibility that my foxiness brings.