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2001-02-27 - 21:35:28

There's no such thing as too self-referential.

From Noixe (via an anonymous submitter)

diaryland is the perfect place for things you want to tell everyone at once, things you want everyone to see and don't really think you can hold a press conference for.

From Sirilyan (via Katfish)

What the book list says about the average Diarylander: Most are 200-year-old vampires who suck the blood out of small-town Maine residents to satiate themselves while they wait for the book on tape of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire...

What the movie list says about the average Diarylander: That they have very, very short memories...

What the music list says about the average Diarylander: Mmmbop before the one you serve.

From AugustDreams (via StarsAway)

In other news, did you read how some talk show guy said online diarists are egotists? have your own SHOW. With your name in the TITLE. You pay somebody to make sure that your HAIR looks good. I mean seriously...

Hello, Pot? This the're black.

From Hermenot (via JohnAJohnson)

time for me to start getting over myself.

From DirtySecrets (via er, someone whose link I accidentally deleted. Sorry.)

"Iexplore has caused an error on MSHTML.DLL.
Iexplore will now close.
If you continue to experience problems,
try restarting your computer."
And we always just accept this and move on. Just like that.

From Outbox (via RainLilly)

and it was like slowly every single cell of my body turned itself over to be sunned on the pale side.