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2001-03-22 - 02:43 p.m.

Brand-spanking New Design!
Yay, new design. I think it's less cluttered than the old one, which is a Good Thing. And it's About Time.

And I'll have banner ads, too. Whoo! Tell me how much you hate them here.

(And get your own by jumping on the bandwagon.)

From Sanshortcake

today would be a good day for my enemies to call since I'm only saying nice things

From Cissy15 (via someone anonymous)

have been reading lots of diaries lately. wish i was a pothead or had a sex life or was in college. those always make better diaries. much more interesting than the ramblings of a 15 year old loser. maybe i should make some stuff up.
yes, here we go. had wild sex last night while concurrently smoking a joint and studying for psychology 101.

From Peregryn (via Ashes)

So I got the tools of the trade out. A red plastic cup to contain my holy water. Holy water? Well...I used tapwater, but I thought to God really hard to make it holy for me. Since I didn't have sage to banish evil spirits, I used dried oregano. Add a pinch of garlic and salt, and I have a concoction no evil undead fiend can handle. I carefully sprinkled it in each of the four corners of my apartment, concentrating deeply.

I couldn't help but notice exorcism smells like italian food.

From Narcissa (via PussyPants and Agire)

mmm....wasabi - i always add a bit more, then a bit more, then... i think i can handle it.. so a biiiittttt more... and then JESUS CHRIST - WHERE DID THAT COME FROM??!?!? how can such a little bit of green paste do so much damage to my nasal passages? but then i go back for more. it's like boys. but they don't damage my nasal passages.

From Anenigma (via SadieBee)

I want Madonna to be my fairy godmother.

From Anaesthetic (via Sonilla)

I should drink 1/2L of gin more often. Some says it kills brain cells. Others claim it just weeds out the weak. I like that idea. Die you useless brain cells, make the others work like they should.