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2001-03-26 - 04:29 p.m.

Possibly the Last Entry For Awhile
Must type quickly! No time for articles! Internet access going chapter 11!

Ok, sorry. Perhaps that was a bit melodramatic. The company that owns the cables that our Internet service runs on just filed for bankruptcy. They've decided to stop service... more or less immediately. The company that provides the actual ISP bits is obviously not happy with this, and is trying to keep them from tossing us into the cold, cruel, Internetless world.

So this may be the last update for awhile. Just warning you.

From WoodNymph

is that how you spell "peeve"?What else would it be? "peave" or "peeeeeeeeeeeeve", or "peive", or "peev" or "I can't think of another way to spell it because the computer is sucking every creative thought out of my being"?

From Wobbly

When I go out of town, I donít sleep. No matter how organized I am... I never finish packing until roughly 3am. Though I already have my bag out and a little pile of my favorite underwear ready to go, I promise you I will not have the bag closed until well after TV has turned to crap and my contacts are stuck to my eyes. To make matters worse, of course, I also wake up pre-dawn. Just in case, you know, thereís something Iíve forgotten. Something that is going to take me two hours to locate and pack. You never know. It could happen.

From SidewaysRain (via someone nameless)

Last night I was rejected. Rejected! Rejected by the Red Cross. They told me my blood pressure was too low and I might faint. No soup for you, come back one year. What??? First of all, I've never fainted in my life. My roommate faints all the time... if the subway's too crowded, when she gives blood, if she didn't eat enough... she's a delicate flower. I am some kind of hardy peasant who gives birth in a field. I wish I could faint. It's so corsety and Victorian.

From SpaceMuppet

God bless my mother. Trying to convince me that I'm too loud and outgoing, then trying to make me get a Zoot Suit for Prom.

From Chicken (via Outbox)

So the big news from this weekend is that I am a sexy bitch.