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2001-04-27 - 10:34 a.m.

Er, it's Friday
From LarrieLou (via FlashGordina)

Do you know how difficult it is to get psych patients to EAT? The paranoid ones think we're trying to poison them, the delusional ones can't because they think they don't have a stomach, or that they're God and therefore don't need to eat, the schizophrenic ones don't because the devil tells them not to, and the depressed ones simply don't want to.

From BadSnake (via HaloOfCurls)

You know that song that they used in, like, every '80s teenager movie where the guy just says "Oh yeah" over and over in a distorted bass voice? That's how I feel about Lebanon bologna.

From EmoGeekCore (via StarAShining)

I just got back from Subway. I asked for the old school wedge cut. That guy didn't know what the heck he was doing. He just cut the top off of the bread. That's when the thought came to me. "The Sandwich Artist" is a rarity these days. They're more like sandwich doodlers now. I'm telling you folks, the World is going to pot, and there's not enough people to smoke it.

From BareNaked500 (via )

signing up for classes is a pain in the ass. i've got a big ass...and even bigger pains. the pain is spreading from the ass to the thigh area, and down yonder all the way to the toes.
if i have to look through the damn scedule of classes again i'm going to have my lower half amputated.

From Hakamiah (via Meli)

I used to frequent weekly gothic industrial dance parties in my high school days, you know; don't f*** with me. I am ruthless! You might get poked in the eye with a nasty disused kohl f***ing pencil!

From SeymourGlass (via Edwy)

My narrative structure and plot progression is becomming nothing but a depressed-kid-waiting-to-transcend-his-own-shit cliche.

From Dude028 (via AngelGirl95)

Anyhow, it reminds me of the answer I give to the age old question, "Is the glass half empty of half full?" For me it's half empty, but the reason is because there's a crack in the glass, and we spend out whole lives trying optimistically to fill up the glass without knowing that it can never be full. We just keep on pouring, because what else could we do?