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2001-05-01 - 10:46 a.m.

Almost There - Hey, wait, when did it get to be May?
Right-o, here we go:

From RandallsBaby (via AugustDreams)

It's not everyday you see a 60 year old man spanking your principal in a ring full of green Jell-O.

From Smartypants (via Methybeth)

You know these little capsules that you put in warm water and a foam animal emerges? Do you? Well, get some. And do them inside your mouth, with beer. This was great fun recently, at a bar with Kat I had one in my mouth, almost finished exploding, when a guy sat down near us and said, "Hi" in that I'm-going-to-chat-you-up way. I held up a finger to say, "Wait a minute," leaned over the bar, and spat a foam brontosaurus onto the bar top. He didn't stay long. It was beautiful.

From Impiwhirl (via Jenn X with no diary)

Thing is I don't get how some people need to feel so famous amongst this website. We're all just regular people on the internet, weird thought how someone, some completely regular person - even computer nerd with no friends in 'real life' could be the most famous people in diaryland.

Saying that, I wish I was famous in diaryland. :)

From Lgamine (via Quiara)

Capitalism is a bitch, yes, but she is my bitch.

From Xiane (via Valerian)

There is no way to say the right words to someone when they are hurt without belittling their plight.

From JohnAJohnson

I suppose that I could write about things I have no personal experience in, but it won't be personal. You won't feel the emotion, and neither will I, and isn't that the purpose of writing?