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2001-08-09 - 9:54 a.m.

Five in Five: Day, um, 3, yeah.
zzzz... *snort* What? Huh? Oh, wait, it's when?

Well, I did say five Quoteds in five days. I didn't say there'd be one each day, or anything silly like that.

From Mattesque (via WordWhore)

i want to be a kid again. i want to be old already. it's this inbetween part that's the hardest. i'm running out of patience. i just want to flip to the back of the book and find out who did it.

From Narcissa (via ToneLoca)

I want to fast forward my life fifteen years, just to make sure that I end up happy, and not living in a basement apartment with cats.

From Moriffic (via Astralfrog)

anyway, i was thinking about how kids my age always talk about maturity, and its mainly in reference to responsibility and the mind.

i realized i was maturing, however, in a different way. this morning in the shower i realized i have a really hairy ass.

From Queerscribe (via Moonshine)

Sex is not all there is to life, but sex is my favorite way to puzzle over its questions.

From Squibnocket (via DanaElayne)

what i'd like to know is why someone would take a job in customer service if she wanted to be rude to people? why not work in the government where she belongs?

From Brigadier (via Awel)

We just built a new Super Wal-Mart in my town. My brother is convinced it's the biggest one in the world. I doubt it. But it could be since everyone around here is treating it like an amusement park. I haven't gone there yet, so I'll probably be shunned by all my peers. If you think you have a large Wal-Mart to rival ours, please give me a ring. But I'll probably tell you that you spend too much time measuring your Wal-Mart.