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2001-09-27 - 12:26 p.m.

Quoted Has A Thought
Hm, you know... I could set this up as a weblog-style diary, and do smaller updates more often.

Well, it's something to think about, anyway.

From UpInBlue (via AlternaMommy)

Despite the fact that the conversation was getting more personal than I would have liked I told her that I too had cut back on caffiene and now I limited myself to one or two cans of Dr Pepper a day.
"You drink pop EVERY day? That is so bad for you!" she cried!
Sure, it's not as good for you as say, 8 pots of coffee, but we can't all be health nuts.

From JamesDee1 (via Katzy-H)

In retrospect I suppose "I donít like ANY job" wasnít a good response to "James, are you happy with your position at this company?"

From AlisonRose (via OnTheOutside)

I would like to rephrase my most recent entry. I, in fact, did NOT party like a rockstar. I partied like an Al scaled rockstar, a pansy rockstar, Phil Collins, if you will.

From Slovenly (via Haikuboy)

random stupid thought: it would be hard as hell to apply eye makeup if you had only one eye.

From NullChris (via Silvermaiden)

I sell knives. And Scissors. And bigger knives. These things can cut through God, as demonstrated during our interview.