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2001-10-04 - 3:55 p.m.

Tuesday in Here
Sheesh. Taking Tuesday off really messes with your week. And by "your" I mean "my". So in my world, it's Tuesday.

Just in case anyone was wondering. What, you weren't? Come on, just play along.

From Vaga-Bond (via NoAlarms)

Lately it's as if my body's saying, "meta-bobble-ism? Is that something I can eat?"

From Badsnake (via BlueBlonde)

I also visited a little display museum of Hummel figurines owned by the mayor of Rosemont. I'm sorry, but any guy who collects these things just has to be a pervert. And not in a good way.

I'm sorry if I offend any of you Precious Moments people, but you're freaks. Each and every one of you. There is no justification for this type of collection of Children of the Corn Porcelains.

From Catie-Dids (via TrickyKid)

...what is up with Free Willy III? Were they not able to free him the first 2 times?

From Three-Wishes (via TheShivers)

A. and i hate him so badly that we have decided to have a 'steve peve' of the day where we tell each other the thing that we hate most about him that day. we told the 'rents tonight about it and my mom was quite disappointed that she could only have one a day, but those are the rules.

From Delpharia (via someone without a diary)

I also hate mood swings. Unpredictable ones, especially. Today I was like an oscillating fan who got stuck and kept on jerking back and forth, making that annoying clicking noise, and spewing out hot air.

From SaveMySkin (via Witch-Baby) the fact that I have had not one summer makeout. not even close. what have I done wrong? I'm predominantly nice, and I exfoliate. and I wear lipgloss practically my every waking hour. ahh well.

From JustJones (via JustDeal)

Very, very soon, I'm going to launch myself over the cubicle wall with a primal shout and murder the people on the other side. Then I'm going to prop them up, make them appear as life-like as possible....AND THEN KILL THEM AGAIN!