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2001-11-30 - 3:09 p.m.

Back from Vacation... darn. I mean, yay! YAY!
The bleeding. My eyes. Ow.

Hey, I'm back from vacation! Whoo! No, wait, that's a bad thing. Well, not a good thing, anyway. I like it when people give me free money and free food and a free place to stay and I don't have to go to work. Much more than the alternative, anyway.

My folder is cleaned out again. Let's keep it that way for a couple of hours, 'kay? 88 entries. Not counting the ones I deleted instead of ever putting them in the folder in the first place. And what am I doing now? Using all old quotes that I had already fixed up and had ready to go. My eyes. The bleeding. All for naught.

I was also going to say something (else?) stupid here, but then I decided, no, that's stupid. You'll figure it out. You're bright kids.

From Anti-Barbie (sent by someone anonymous)

The thing I love most about the video store by my apartment is that they put all Barney Videos in the Horror section.

From Royfly (sent by Anat)

I think I'm going to start a new diary, with a new voice. This one feels too tight. Like lycra. But not as arousing.

From Blue-Parade (sent by Paper-Girl)

There is a cosmetic company here in Barrie, that evacuated the factory yesterday because they found suspicious looking powder. Hello! You are a cosmetic company! You make suspicious looking powders.

From StFrancis (sent by Pappazon)

A useful sheep doesn't run up to the shepherd as soon as it's eaten some grass and puke the grass up to show what it's eaten, it digests the grass and makes wool. This is in a section about people who are always talking about philosophy. It's is one with which I strugle frequently. As evidenced by this site, I regularly puke up half-digested philosophies. It seems like good advice, tho.

From Haikuboy

Well here's the deal. I refuse to make the same mistakes my mother did. I refuse to be unhappy. To depression and angst I will always say "no", no matter how much I may jokingly say "yes, please." I plan on making whole new mistakes. Mistakes shiny from lack of use, still in their bubble wrap, and ready for the makin'. Mistakes so extraordinary in their novelty that it'll be like they're not even mistakes rather than alternative means of living. And I'm going to do all this with a big silly grin, and bright, laughing eyes.