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Januarish - Morning

I need a refresher course...
Ack! Argh! Yah! Behave, stupid web page!

From UpInBlue (sent by Starsurfer)

Dear makers of Grand Theft Auto,

You bastards! You have stolen my husband from me! Will he ever stop playing your game? Will I ever get to spend time with him again? Will he ever hold me in his arms? Will he ever unload the dishwasher?

Annoyedly yours,

From Andrew (sent by Psianina)

I have just finished cleaning about half of my apartment and I already have about 8 bags of garbage ready to go out. I don't understand that at all, cause if you stick all those bags in the middle of the floor, you can't even walk around, so how did they fit in here to begin with? Physics is crazy!

From Igneus (sent by FadeIn)

I plucked my mom's chin hairs today.

From Mongerbasin (sent by Helb)

I thought about space, and how in space, no one can hear you scream, but in exams, everyone can hear you fart.

From BaileyBanana (sent by Sukilicious)

Check me out a month from now if you like diaries written by angsty junior high-age girls whose parents just don't understand them, and if you like the afore-mentioned diaries even better when they are actually written by people in their mid-twenties who are sponging off their parents and bitching about it.

From Doobily-Doo (sent by Nothingone)

...Thus making today only Thursday.
I almost wrote "Thrustday". Some people refer to Wednesday as "Humpday". That would make things interesting. If all days had a sexually connotative nick name to go with it. Ah what a Freudian web I weave.