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3-April-2002 - time to go home!

Update 1 - Not dead yet!
Well, no, I didn't fall down a hole. I went out into that big room with the blue ceiling and bright yellow light, and I guess I got carried away. Plus: work. Psh. So now I have an update so big, it's going to be split over two days. Enjoy!

Anyway, while I was training, I met Bonnie and Charles, a very nice couple who will be doing the walk in May. Bonnie's a survivor (a breast cancer warrior!) and together she and her husband inspired me to do an extra two miles on Saturday. I know they don't read this site, but I feel like they should get a big shout out anyway. You guys rock!

Donation Update: so far, we've raised 1352! That's $636 since the last time I updated (whoops). With the $200 in donations I have to turn in at the actual walk, that means I've only got $348 to go. The largest donation is now $250, which is more than my mom sent, so... wow. And for those of you who are worried that little donations don't help - the total from $10 and less donations is $152, and most of those fall into the "less" category. (Don't know what I'm talking about? Here's the original entry that explains what's going on.)

Here are some thoughts from Diaryland benefactors...

Barbara (didn't leave a D-Land link) says, "There's not much that I can say that AdamW or Ginger didn't already say much better. It's partly selfish, donating makes me feel a little bit better, makes me feel like I've done something; and partly it's because I want to show that it's not because you're a cynical sarcast that you can't be nice.
Hope the walk goes great.

(By the way, Barbara wins the "donor who lives farthest from me" award, donating from Brussels, Belgium! Coincidentally, Brussels is tied with Prague for "favorite city I visited while living in Germany". Not that it's relevant, I just thought I'd mention it.)

Pantherchild had a lot to say, so I had to edit it down a bit - hope you don't mind. "There was this lady named Mz. Suzie down here. Her family and mine went to the same church... Everyone was horrified when she got breast cancer. But, lots of chemo and lots of love pulled her through. One day short of five years later, she came out of remission in a horrible way. She had to have her breasts removed and serveral other things taken out of her body... I can remember my sister crying herself to sleep becuse she loved Mz. Suzie so much. Suzie's gone on to be with the Lord now, but she left a huge impact on our lives.
Thanks for doing this. There are a lot of familes out there who need moms that aren't there anymore because of cancer. It's just not fair. Seems like all these wonderful new treatments are popping up way too late. Maybe this'll help things be found sooner."

Frootjoos says, "I once had a substitute teacher who had had a breast amputation due to cancer. I shudder to think that anything like that might happen to me

or any of the cool women I know. It's physically and emotionally painful, plus it scares the children."

Angel12327 writes, "I donated because I'm extremely talented at ignoring problems until it's too late. I don't want to ignore breast cancer until someone I love dies from it, or, even worse, I get it. I admire you for participating and for making us all that much more aware of the REALITY of cancer."

Molly from BandOfBros writes, "Hi there, this is Molly reporting for We broads just donated... for the 15 of us, to your fabulous walk. We wanted to let you know we're behind you 100%, mostly because we have breasts. However, one of us is a guy, and he doesn't have breasts, but he supports women, get the point. Good luck!"

Bathsheba writes, "I donated in honor of my cousin Kathy, who died of breast cancer at the ridiculously young age of 26. The only memory I have of her is arriving at Gulf Shores, Alabama for a huge family-reunion-style week of sun and crablegs and clogging (don't ask) and miniature golf. Kathy was a teenager; I was a little kid. Livid about something or other, she got out of the car and marched all the way down the beach, straight into the ocean and up to her waist in water - she was wearing a halter top and bluejeans - and just stood there, refusing to talk to anyone. I always worshipped her for that. If she'd had a normal life without breast cancer, this wouldn't be the only memory."

Andy ( writes, "It's not much, I know, but as you say, if we all donate a little, it'll add up to a lot. Why am I donating? Because a world without boobies is a world where no-talent starlets would be forced upon society in general. As long as they have their boobies those of us living outside of L.A. are spared their company. That, and it's the right thing to do."

For everyone else who's donated who didn't send email - you guys rock too! (If you've donated since about Tuesday, you're probably not on the list because quick and efficient, the notification system is not. If you don't see your name on the next list, let me know and I'll check up on it.) And if you haven't donated yet - hey, all the cool kids are doing it! You can go here to donate right now. The event is Avon Breast Cancer 3-Day Washington, D.C. 2002, and my walker number is 2038. If you'd prefer, you can print out a form and mail it in.

From MrSensitive (sent by Kaleid)

I wonder, do Creed fans have some sort of genetic defect that people with good taste don't have?

From Tolerance (sent by Pixgrrl)

Travis also said that their gigs were like having sex.....I so pity his wife. You could use that as a tag line to an ad campaign to stop underage sex....."Sex is like listening to Travis". There would be zero teenage pregnancies after that.

From Banana3159 (sent by Stevie K.)

Imagine a Fellini film as scripted by the author of the Baby- sitters Club, and youíll have a good idea of what my summer was like.

From Unequivocal (sent by Astralounge)

Although I am willing to accept souls in any condition, I ask that those of you who have already entered into demonic pacts with third parties refrain from trying to donate your souls. It isnít fair to me, and it isnít fair to the demons.

From Nisshoku (sent by Psianina)

Plus we can bond over mocking our other roommate Erin. And you know, it's always healthy to build friendships at other people's expense.